Medical Students

Medical Student Clerkship.

Our students evaluate and treat patients in close conjunction with EM Residents and EM Attending Physicians. Many shifts provide one-on-one teaching with the EM Attending, accelerating your development as a future EM physician.

Special Interests.

This four week rotation for Georgetown senior medical students includes the following:

  • Clinical shifts in two urban Emergency Departments
  • Simulation Lab with central line, intubation, ultrasound and suture stations
  • Teaching shift with a senior Emergency Medicine Resident
  • Poison Control Center toxicology session
  • Invitation to weekly GU/WHC EM Residency Lecture series

Visiting Medical Students.

Georgetown University School of Medicine is one of a minority of medical schools that includes Emergency Medicine as a core clerkship for all 4th year medical students. Our residents and faculty believe that emergency medicine is a vital component of medical education that exposes students to the full spectrum of acute pathology. EM medical students see a spectrum of undifferentiated and undiagnosed patients, participate in rapid assessment, stabilization and treatment of a variety of problems. The student will work closely with EM residents and will have many opportunities to spend one-on-one shifts with attending physicians.Visiting students complete clinical shifts in both urban emergency departments, participate in simulation teaching sessions, attend a toxicology session at the National Capitol Poison Center, and attend weekly EM residency conferences.

Course Information.

Experience emergency medicine in two high acuity departments in our nation’s capital

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Medical Student Clerkship

Course Name: Student Clerkship in Emergency Medicine
Course Number: EMED-440
Prerequisites: Fourth year Georgetown medical students
Offered: July-April
Location: Georgetown University Hospital and Washington Hospital Center, Washington, DC. Students may also choose to rotate at Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, MD, Southern Maryland or Franklin Square.
Duration: 4 weeks / Blocks 1-5 and 7-8

Visiting Medical Students

Course Name: Visiting Student Elective in Emergency Medicine
Course Number: EMED-442
Prerequisites: Open to fourth year medical students from AAMC member medical schools.
Offered: June, July, August, September & October each academic year
Location: Georgetown University Hospital and Washington Hospital Center, Washington, DC
Duration: 4 weeks

Emergency Medicine Interest Group.

Emergency Medicine is one of the most exciting and dynamic of the medical specialties. Join us to learn more about a career in emergency medicine.

Our Mission

The mission of EMIG is to explore and promote the field of Emergency Medicine at the Georgetown University School of Medicine. We strive to:

  • Introduce the unique aspects of Emergency Medicine as a clinical specialty;
  • Create opportunities for exploration of Emergency Medicine topics;
  • Provide mentorship and leadership opportunities to students via faculty, residents, and fellow students.

Learn More and Get Involved

Created and led by Georgetown medical students who are exploring emergency medicine as a career, the Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG) has helped cultivate interest in emergency medicine among Georgetown University medical students for decades. Over the past match cycles, emergency medicine has risen to the top of the selected specialties of graduating Georgetown students. To promote the specialty and prepare students for their clerkships and residencies, EMIG designs a number of events throughout the year including lectures, hands-on workshops, and clinical shadowing. Since the beginning of our residency program, EMIG, residents, and faculty have partnered to improve mentoring and teaching and have ambitious plans to expand the agenda of the program over the coming year:

  • Monthly lunch time lecture series covering topics from in-flight emergencies to snake bites.
  • Workshops and labs with hands-on practice in intubation, IV placement, suturing and ultrasound
  • Ride alongs with DC Fire/EMS, GERMS, and MedSTAR Flight
  • Post-Match 4th year medical student advisory panel for third years
  • Residency Director Meeting for rising fourth years

Contact Information

Jose Nable, MD


Jake Isserman, MD